What Every Veteran Should Know:

  • United States Veterans are privileged to a variety of benefits due to their heroic and brave service to our beloved country. There are government run programs and facilities in order to aid you and your loved one during a time of loss. United States Veterans are entitled to be buried or have their ashes interred at any National Cemetery, locally at Houston National V.A. Cemetery at no charge. Burial options are maintained and controlled by the cemetery or Veterans Administration.
  • In addition to interment options veterans may receive financial assistance for the funeral service. Through the Veterans Administration Burial Benefits Department veterans may be entitled to:
  • $300.00 reimbursement for your burial or cremation service.
  • A headstone or grave marker.


*Note: Benefits payments are not guaranteed to all veterans and have to approved by the Veterans Administration.
Burial Benefits:
Spouse/Survivor Benefits:

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