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To further serve the greater Houston area, McCoy & Harrison Funeral Home strongly encourages the local community to be proactive when it comes to preparation for death. Death is inevitable; with us, there is no reason why you cannot be prepared for the inevitable. For a minimal amount per month, you can be prepared. You can do it with assurance, dignity, and peace of mind with McCoy & Harrison Funeral Home. We have been serving Houston since 1925. In this time, we have seen where families have not been prepared. This can cause a tremendous strain on the family. Death is a very emotional experience; however, being prepared for it can turn into a natural experience that it is. Please feel free to contact us at (713-659-7618) and ask to speak with one of our Funeral Directors or Pre-Need Counselors, and they will guide you to a plan that is not only right for you but your loved ones.

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Most of us plan ahead in life. We plan for our wedding, our children’s education, family vacations, and other significant expected life events. We also plan for the unexpected events of life by purchasing home, auto and medical insurance.

Understanding the Benefits of planning ahead has prompted many to take the step to plan their own arrangements.

In Person
Please Contact Us to set up an appointment to discuss planning ahead with a caring professional.

To begin pre-planning online, please fill out our Online Preplanning Form. A member of our staff will contact you after your submit your form.

The State of Texas has developed a website to help you make informed decisions concerning the purchase of prepaid funeral benefits at

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