Introducing McCoy & Harrison Payment on Death (P.O.D.) Pre-Planning Account:

At McCoy and Harrison we make every effort to ensure that our firm offers all the necessary pre-planning/pre-arrangement options to our families. Has anyone in your family been turned down for burial insurance due to age or illness? If so, McCoy and Harrison will offer a P.O.D. Account which is a truly unique way to save money and apply towards your burial expenses. This is an interest-bearing savings account that we would open with a local community bank on behalf of you or your family members along with a pre-burial contract to ensure all of your arrangements are handled according to your wishes. We can start this savings program with as little as $100.00, and there are no minimum requirements as to how much you have to deposit. Take advantage of this P.O.D. program and we can lock in burial expenses for up to 2 years*. Please review how this savings program can benefit you and your loved one.

P.O.D. Account at a Glance


  • They’re easy to create.
  • Flexible Deposits
  • There’s no limit on how much money you can leave this way.
  • Interest on account goes directly to you.
  • **FDIC Insured (Up to $250,00.00)
  • (In some cases) payable-on-death account designation helps avoid probate.

*Restrictions may apply.
** PLEASE SEE for all rules, deposits and insurance information.
(Community Bank: Unity National Bank of Texas)
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