Introducing McCoy & Harrison Payment on Death (P.O.D.) Pre-Planning Account:

At McCoy and Harrison we make every effort to ensure that our firm offers all the necessary pre-planning/pre-arrangement options to our families. Has anyone in your family been turned down for burial insurance due to age or illness? If so, McCoy and Harrison will offer a P.O.D. Account which is a truly unique way to save money and apply towards your burial expenses. This is an interest-bearing savings account that we would open with a local community bank on behalf of you or your family members along with a pre-burial contract to ensure all of your arrangements are handled according to your wishes. We can start this savings program with as little as $100.00, and there are no minimum requirements as to how much you have to deposit. Take advantage of this P.O.D. program and we can lock in burial expenses for up to 2 years*. Please review how this savings program can benefit you and your loved one.

P.O.D. Account at a Glance


  • They’re easy to create.
  • Flexible Deposits
  • There’s no limit on how much money you can leave this way.
  • Interest on account goes directly to you.
  • **FDIC Insured (Up to $250,00.00)
  • (In some cases) payable-on-death account designation helps avoid probate.

*Restrictions may apply.
** PLEASE SEE for all rules, deposits and insurance information.
(Community Bank: Unity National Bank of Texas)
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Print Shop Terms/Policies

****** Print Shop Terms/Policies ******

•Business Hours (for contact via phone): 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday
•ALL correspondence concerning design criteria should be made via email
•Each design includes:  Design + (2) Free Rounds of Revisions. A Round of Revisions means you can update all the pages on your document in ONE WORK ORDER. We will not start your Round of Revisions until you confirm you have sent ALL Revisions. If live Revisions are needed we have Screen Share software to work with a designer in real time at $75 per hour.
•Revisions are subject to a 6 to 12 hour waiting period, after your (2) Free Rounds of Revisions additional revisions are usually $25 to $50.

•Clients are to deliver 100% of the program information at least 3 business days before the deadline, Which includes: Photos, spell checked text, audio, video, website links to samples or music etc. Design begins only after all content to complete the project has been submitted such as desired color scheme, desired image(s), style and website or print dimensions of your project.

•All fees, service charges, and/or deposits are strictly NON-Refundable. 

•Please be sure to send all info and criteria EXACTLY as you would like it to appear on your project.

•We COPY and PASTE the info you send. If we manually type from a verbal conversation or re-type hand written text, text on an image etc, then you are responsible for proofing the text. Spelling errors are NOT designer induced mistakes.                              

All amounts due in connection with this Invoice shall bear interest at a rate of 10% per month beginning 14 days from the date such amounts become due and payable. If you are printing with us then all print must be paid for before printing begins. If you are getting web design work you must pay in full for your project before your website is active under your specified domain name.

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